I really want you to have the best wedding ever. I want you to trust everyone you've hired so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. I want you to know that everyone has your back and truly wants the best for you. Because of this, I actually get excited when I have a potential client tell me that they're talking to another planner or two. It doesn't scare me - it excites me. Because that means that I'm meeting with my ideal client. 

The relationship you build with your wedding planner is an important one - and I want you to be confident that you picked the best person for you. I'm more than okay not being the right fit for you if you didn't feel like we "clicked," and I'm beyond elated when we are the perfect fit and we do get to work together!

So how do you find the right planner? Step one is to bring questions to your initial consultation! The next step is to ask the right questions - and this will vary per person!

1. Talk about style. Ask what types of weddings they've done, and if they've seen a certain theme be really popular with their brides. This gives you a basis to understand if the mood and theme of your wedding are something that your planner enjoys executing! 

2. Talk about the process. Ask them what to expect when you move forward! We planners love this question, because it's how we organize and handle things. This will also give you a really great idea of what to expect throughout the planning process so there aren't any surprises. 

3. Talk about experience. Find out if they've worked at your venue before, or if they've worked with a certain vendor you have your eye o n. We have worked with a number of people and can put your mind at ease about so many things, don't be afraid to ask!

4. Talk about you! Share the personal details you're envisioning and discuss what you want to do. This is the part that tells me the most about your day. Those personal details are your priorities and by identifying them early on, you'll be able to see if your planner can make them happen or can suggest other ways to incorporate them that you might not have thought of!

5. Talk about money. I know, it's the least favorite topic. But it's so important! For determining if you and the planner are a good fit to seeing if your vision is something that can be accomplished. Don't be afraid to discuss this early on - the sooner you can have a realistic discussion about the money, the sooner you can start planning to spend every dollar in the best way possible!

I'm booking for 2017 and 2018 now - send me an email today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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