Every New Year sparks the conversation of goals and resolutions. Usually we hear how resolutions have failed for the past year, and often the conversations I hear are discouraging. I think it's because it's easy to say you want to do something, but it's so much harder to plan to meet your goal. It feels good to say you're going to accomplish something, but it takes dedication and perseverance to actually reach your goal. 

Last year, I sat down with Kevin and said "I want to set goals for us. I want us to grow. I want us to knock off this items on our bucket list. Will you help me set our goals for the year?"

Our 2015 resolutions included a number of things, but I'm especially proud of what we accomplished! Kevin's been brewing his own beer recipes and reading more, I launched Chickadee Events, we ran a half-marathon, traveled for 2 weeks to Hawaii, and we pray together every night. Going into 2016, we have some awesome goals to focus on:

2016 Resolutions (Personal)

1. Teach me how to drive stick

2. Go to the state fair

3. Do a course at Go Ape!

4. Go snowboarding together 

5. Vacation in St. Croix

6. Become certified to scuba dive

7. Join or start a small group

8. Get the cats to co-exist (that's a story for another day)

9. Keep running consistently

10. Go on a camping and hiking trip

2016 Resolutions (Chickadee)

1. Attend a conference

2. Execute styled shoots

3. Book 10 2016 weddings

4. Book 5 2017 weddings

5. Launch website

6. Keep up with my blogging and social media schedule

7. Experiment with florals and floral design

8. Make more industry friends and build a network

9. Finalize my systems for the back-end of my business

10. Serve all of my 2016 couples well - focusing on them and their marriage!

In order to make sure we accomplish our goals (personally and then for Chickadee), we start every month by looking at what we did the previous month, and target a couple of resolutions to chip away at. For example, I can't just say "I need to be running consistently by the end of the year." I need to say "I will run 2-3 times a week," or "I'm going to register for this race, and train for it." I can't just expect my systems to fall into place, I need to target each piece of my process and make it work, bit by bit, until it's seamless and organized. 

How will you plan to check your resolutions off your list?