Wedding registries are so. much. fun. When else can you ask people to buy you exactly what you want - from a kitchen aid mixer to wine glasses and fancy sheets and towels?! And people will get all of these wonderful things for you! But, how do you tell them where to shop?

You’ve gone to all the trouble of getting registered at your favorite stores and are ready to share the information with your family and friends, but are wondering how. If you’ve done any sort of research online, you should at least know that registry information doesn’t go in the formal wedding invitation! But that doesn’t help you in figuring out how everyone is supposed to find out.

The registry information should never come from the couple directly - whether it’s in a save the date, an email blast, or the formal invitation. Registry information is traditionally to be shared by the maid/matron of honor (MOH) and the best man, though word usually spreads through families fairly quickly.

These are my top 3 ways to share registry info:

  1. Wedding Website: You’re likely going to include this link on your save the dates if you do those, and some even include them on the wedding invitation. This is perfectly appropriate. It’s also a great way to list other stores that might not have a registry that you’d love a gift card to! (Home Depot or Lowes, for example!) Also, you can easily send an email blast with the wedding website link - since that indirectly includes the registry info, that’s okay! I actually did that for our out of town guests so they had more advance notice on wedding information, since we didn’t send save the dates.

  2. The Bridal Shower: Your bridal shower host should request this information for the shower invitations, and this is where those printed cards from Bed Bath and Beyond can go (Did anyone else get a ton of them and never use them? We did.)!

  3. Word of Mouth: People want to shower you - they want to buy you presents and they want to know where to go! If someone wants to know where you’re registered, they are most likely either going to ask you directly for the information or will ask someone else who might know (the MOH or best man!)

The biggest reason you don’t share the registry information in a save the date or wedding invitation is because it’s considered tacky, and it’s seen as if you are asking for presents rather than inviting guests to celebrate in your marriage. Yes, they go hand in hand, but let’s look at it this way: The people that are going to be spending lots of money on you for the shower or wedding are often the more traditional family members and family friends who follow these etiquette rules, and it would be wise to not offend them! 

I’ve heard some feedback that family members will complain if they don’t know where you’re registered because it’s not on the invitation or save the date. In each of those cases, they have contacted the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom, who can quickly tell the concerned family member where to go shop, and to let them know that the couple only wanted to focus on having their presence at the wedding, though would greatly appreciate a thoughtful gift!