Oh, to be a bride. It is truly one of the most exciting times in your life! I never spent a whole lot of time dreaming about weddings until after my little sister got engaged, so I didn't have anything that I was set on when Kevin proposed (except wearing my mom's dress, which is a story for another day!). We planned our wedding in 4 months while working full-time and living out of town from where our wedding was taking place. It was a total whirlwind, and today I want to share with you some of our favorite moments. Though we didn't have a ton of time to plan everything, we made sure that every detail was intentional, that it represented us, and that we didn't let it distract from the purpose of our wedding day - the beginning of our marriage. 

I started writing this post with the intention of putting all of our wedding details into one post, but to be honest, there's too much I want to share! So this will be part one of a series!

My 5 Favorites from Our Wedding Ceremony

1. The Chapel

Okay, this is probably more of a detail thing, but it really made our ceremony what it was. We picked a small (fits only 100) chapel nestled off River Road in Richmond, overlooking the James River with rolling hills in a beautiful serene retreat. We knew instantly that this was the place we wanted to get married at - it was the second decision we made for the wedding (the first being what cake we wanted to have).

2.  Walking in with my dad

We had an exceptionally long walk, since we had to walk from the house where we got ready all the way around to the path that leads to the chapel - which was all in view of our guests! It was really sweet, because he held my hand with both of his and told me how proud he was to be my dad. Neither my dad nor I are particularly emotional or forth-coming about our emotions, so this was a really special time! 

 3. Our Music (and musician!)

The ceremony music was so critically important to me. As a singer and musician myself, I really appreciate live music and wanted that for our wedding. There is nothing wrong with playing a CD for your music, this was just something that was a priority for me! So it was a total no brainer when we found out that the chapel had a grand piano in it. We knew we were going to get married there and that we would have someone play the piano! We asked Jed, who was the worship pastor at our church at the time (and who has since released a CD and is making a name for himself!) if he would play and sing for us. We were thrilled when he said yes! 

4. Kevin snorting

Yes, this is seriously one of the best memories from the day. Kevin doesn't enjoy large social gatherings as much as I do, and he also hates being in the center of attention! Obviously he had to make an exception for our wedding day, but he was nervous and a little uptight! Let's be honest, it is hard to relax in front of a crowd of people if you're not used to it. So about half-way through the ceremony (which was pretty serious) we were getting to our vows. Kevin started reading his vows to me, and as the total sweetheart that he is, he was tearing up a bit. Well, he breathed in and snorted so loudly everyone could hear!! It broke all the tension in the room and we all just laughed. It's one of those moments we will never, ever forget!

5. The geese!

Oh my gosh, you know you're a nerd when... So, we noticed that there were a lot of geese on the grounds when we first visited Roslyn, which made me happy. I actually hold a B.S. in Biology, and was very close to going back to school to pursue my master's or doctorate in ornithology (the study of birds). So anytime birds are mentioned, I get excited! I'll talk more about why I picked "Chickadee Events" as my business name in another post, but consider this a teaser for now! Anyway, there were definitely geese around the property on our wedding day, but what I didn't know until after the fact was that a wedge of geese (yes, that's the proper term for geese traveling in a V formation) flew directly in front of the giant windows while I was reading my vows to Kevin! Honestly, that was the top comment I got from guests during our reception - did you see the geese? Did you get a picture of it?

Our photographer wasn't able to get it (it seriously happened so fast, and she would have had to been focused on the outside and not on us to get that shot - since it obviously wasn't planned), BUT my brother-in-law happened to capture the moment on video. 

I didn't even know he was recording our ceremony until a few months after our wedding when he sent me a link to a short video he had put together of our wedding! And lo and behold, he got the geese. Okay, I didn't cry at all during our ceremony, and I only cried for a few seconds during my dance with my dad at the reception but I LOST IT when I saw this video and the geese. It was a goosebumps moment. So, now that I've talked about it, here's the link to see it! 

Skip to 4:50 for Kevin's snort, and 5:40 for the geese!

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All photography by Virginia Ashley Photography