Wedding favors are becoming more DIY, personalized - or absent, depending on the wedding! The idea behind wedding favors is to give your guests a memento of the occasion to keep, treasure, and recall the wonderful memories you just made together!

Wedding favors are typically given at the end of the reception, and are available as guests leave the event. What are your options?

  1. Trendy: Your popular wedding favors are things like sunglasses, koozies, key chains, or some sort of candy or treat with the couple’s name on them.
  2. DIY: Many couples opt for DIY projects that give their favors a special touch or have significance to them.
  3. Donation: Other couples opt to give a donation to a charity of their choice in lieu of purchasing favors, and will typically share that information with the guests at the reception.
  4. None: Still others skip the favors altogether, and put their energy into other things!

And guess what? ALL of these are acceptable options!

I’m honestly not sure I could name the favors that were given out at most weddings I’ve been to, and I know we had a TON (okay, maybe not THAT many) of leftover favors after our wedding.

My personal opinion is that they are completely optional. Often they go unnoticed or forgotten, if you’re giving them out at the end of the night. If they’re something that the guests will use for part of the reception (personalized mason jars as glasses, or something like that) then just about everybody will end up using theirs and taking it home.

That being said, I love gift-giving, and knew that I wanted to include favors for our wedding! We had quite the adventure with ours, and put more energy and effort into them than we did on a few other things (that probably needed more attention!), but I don’t regret it for a second. It was our way to put another personal touch on things, and created an opportunity for us to bond with our wedding party while we made them! At the end of the day, they probably meant more to us than to our guests, and that was okay with us.