A couple weeks ago, I shared about how to communicate where you're registered with your wedding guests. But what about creating the registry? This is probably one of the least discussed parts of wedding planning, but it can easily become so stressful! I didn’t really think twice before we scheduled an appointment to set up our registry, I just knew it was something we needed to do. It wasn’t until we walked into the store that I felt overwhelmed and realized what it was going to take to make this registry happen!

Kevin and I hadn’t discussed any of our preferences before our appointment, and boy I wish we had. We spent the entire evening floating around the store, trying to decide on colors and styles and needs vs wants - only to wind up coming back in for our follow-up appointment and going through the whole store again.

I don’t think creating a registry is necessarily all that difficult, but I do think it is much more emotionally taxing than it initially sounds. And my personal anecdote aside, here are a few ways to make creating a registry as painless as possible!

  1. Limit your registries. There’s no need to register at every store or every online retailer - you’ll just end up with a lot of mis-matched items or gifts cards for small amounts that won’t go as far. I recommend 2 - we did Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.

  2. Give your guests lots of options on those 2 registries. Kevin and I argued at first about putting 2 types of dishes on our registry. I wanted formal china, and he would have been happy with the everyday dishware. We put both on there, and I explained to him that just because we were registering for it didn’t mean we would get it. We did that for silverware, glassware, pots and pans, and just about everything else. The more options you give, the easier it is for your guests to pick out something in their price range that they know you will love!

  3. Discuss together before you make the registry - go online and take a look at some of the options, or review a guide for what you should be putting on a registry. Also, take stock of what you already have so you don’t register for things you don’t need!

  4. Do it in sections! Don’t plan to go through the whole store (unless it’s really small) at one time. I would say no more than 2 hours at a time (and even that might be pushing it). Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed and register for things you don’t need or don’t even like.

  5. Review your registry every month or so (or after a shower or you receive a lot of gifts at once!) and update it. We found that once our fancy coffee maker had been purchased, we didn’t need the “cheaper” alternative, so we took that off the registry. That way we avoided needing to return unwanted items after the wedding.

Another personal anecdote - Target may have some amazing things in the store, but they have one of the most poorly managed registries I’ve ever experienced. I have gone to different stores for different registries, and had the same poor experience at each. Even after finding the item and pulling up the registry information on my phone, there was a 50/50 chance that it would actually be marked off on the registry. 

On that note, I would recommend Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Amazon, and Macy’s. I know there are many other great options, but those are the ones I’ve personally had good experiences with!