When I was a little girl, I would play make-believe with my best friend. We made up stories about living in the outdoors, being orphans and having to take care of ourselves, being animals, being princess, being - well, really anything we wanted to be at that moment. I remember when we picked what age we were going to "be" that I almost always picked 26. Why? I don't know. But it seemed like a good responsible age. Leave it to my independent self to know that when I was 8 years old, being able to take care of myself would be a huge source of pride.

Well, now that I'm 27 and my year of being 26 is over, I can safely say that childhood Kelsey was right - being 26 is awesome! So in honor of my birthday, here is my recap of the last year!

1. My little sister got married!

2. We ran a 10K...

3. I started Chickadee Events...

4. AND a new full-time job.

5. Our good friends Ande and Jon got married!

6. We went on a vacation to Hawaii (and celebrated our one year anniversary!)

7. We ran a half-marathon! 

8. We upgraded the floors in the house, and got a new couch!

9. We hosted our New Year's Day Dinner...

10. And we went skiing/snowboarding! Kevin snowboarded, I went skiing. This has been on our bucket list since we started dating so it was nice to finally make it happen!

 I can't wait to see what 27 has in store for me... (also, I do own other colors than just blue!)

Jocelyn & Matt Wedding Photo by Scott Hill Photography

Ande & Jon Photo by Sharon Elizabeth Photography