In continuing with our wedding moments series, today I bring to you my favorite photographed moments!! These are moments that mean something special to me and invoke the same feeling I had when it was taken everytime I look at them. They are more than just a photo, these have full stories behind them!

 1. Our First Look: Okay, so all I remember from our first look was Kevin telling me I had too much make-up on (seriously, he'll never be able to live that one down). But it was a special moment and what made me realize that we were about to get married!! It was also hilarious to keep everyone else back while we saw each other - they all wanted to come watch the moment and I had to tell them to stay away!

2. Everyone Carrying My Train: Wearing my mom's dress with the train on it was a big deal for me. I've always loved dresses, and anytime there's something long and flowy about them I'm in heaven! So, this was just an added moment for me. My sister, my new husband, my godfather... the list was long!! I love that we have it captured so well!

3.  Our Pre-Ceremony Prayer: This was a really important moment for us. We knew we wanted to gather everyone who was a part of the ceremony (as we were able) together and focus on why we were there that day. It was a really reverent moment, and a chance to slow down and just sit. 

4. Our First Dance: Kevin and I had discussed learning how to actually dance before we got married, but we never got around to it. The only time we had practiced dancing was after a friend's wedding that summer - we tried dancing in our living room and were stepping all over each other's toes. Not to mention, it was challenging to figure out how to spin me... which made our first dance all the more memorable! My sister taught Kevin how to dance (and more importantly, turn!) about 30 minutes before our first look. Which means we never practiced this move together before trying it in front of all of our guests!! I think it turned out pretty well :) We danced to "I Don't Dance" by Lee Brice - which was very appropriate. 

5. The Newlywed Shoe Game: This was so much fun!! We had sent the idea and a bunch of questions to our DJ a few weeks before the wedding as a filler in case we didn't have a whole bunch of dancers at our reception! It's a pretty simple game - the bride and groom sit back to back in chairs, each holding a shoe of the bride's and a shoe of the groom's. The DJ asks questions such as "Who said I love you first?" "Who is the better driver?" and "Who has the craziest family?" The best part was, we had no idea what questions he'd actually ask us, and we couldn't see each other's answers!