When I'm Ready - Chickadee Events

I often catch myself saying, "I'll get there. I'll be ready when it's time for me to be ready." And my goodness, this is what gets me into trouble with procrastination! How easy is it for us to put things off because we're not ready for them? If we lived our lives like this, we would never accomplish anything. 

That's how I was feeling about a year ago. We had just gotten married, were settling into our new life together, and I was really struggling to figure out what I was called to do. I felt like I could go in a number of different directions but nothing felt like I was called to it - I didn't feel ready to make a change. 

Well, I still don't feel "ready" for life. I rarely feel "ready" for the week on Monday mornings, and I definitely don't feel "ready" before unexpected tasks and things happen. Guess what? That doesn't change the fact that I still have to respond and be a part of it! But my natural inclination is to run and hide. I make things so much harder for myself! 

My post today isn't to tell you that I doubt my own level of preparedness sometimes, but to encourage you to realize that you'll never be 100% ready for something. You just have to take a leap of faith and dive into it. 

This can apply to difficult Monday mornings (or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and even Fridays), to a project you've been putting off because you didn't think you had the time or energy to begin, and to a big life change you've been too scared to face. You're never really ready. Sometimes you just need to do something and stop dreaming, stop preparing, stop pretending you'll do it someday. Just go!!

I need this reminder at least every few days, so I know I can't be alone in that! It's my hope that this encourages you to dive into something that's intimidating you today. You're more ready than you know. I'm rooting for you!