Giving a toast at a wedding is typically the responsibility of the best man and MOH, though often family members and family friends will gives toasts as well. If you've been asked to be a best man or MOH and are planning to give a toast, here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare!

Actually prepare ahead of time - there are few things that are as painful for wedding guests as watching an awkward, unrehearsed speech. While public speaking doesn't come naturally to most people, and there's nothing wrong with that, making sure you prepare will make a world of a difference! Also, if there is another guest giving a toast and they have prepared, your lack of preparation will stand out even more, and the bride and groom deserve your best! 

  1. Keep any embarrassing stories or stories about past significant others out of the toast entirely. Your toast should honor and respect the bride and groom as they create new memories together, and bringing up times in their lives they'd rather not think about doesn't serve much of a purpose. It's also awkward for the audience if they see the bride and groom feeling uncomfortable - that's the last thing they should feel!
  2. Highlight a favorite memory - Mark through that embarrassing childhood story and bring up one that shows off the bride's impeccable character or great sense of humor! Talk about how the groom saved a treed cat or went out of his way to help someone in need. Those are the stories the great toasts are made of!
  3. Introduce yourself - Don't forget to tell the guests who you are! Aside from being the MOH or best man, tell the guests how you know the happy couple! Especially for guests who don't know both the bride and groom, it's always nice to know who's standing beside them and who they want in their lives. 
  4. Keep it short! One page is more than enough information to share in a toast. 2-3 minutes max is plenty long, and if it becomes any longer you'll start to lose your audience! Short and sweet is key, and the moment is to show off the bride and groom, not steal your 15 minutes of fame :)

As long as you focus on sharing the story and love of the bride and groom, you'll have a great toast on your hands!  

Or, you could just do what my sister did and write a rap song for a toast!