Inevitably, one of the most stressful things about your wedding is the guest list. Then, once you get past the stress and drama of developing the guest list and clearing it with both families, you send out the invitations. Even the invitations are properly addressed, clearly only to your aunt and uncle, and not their 4 children (your cousins). Or to your college roommate but not her boyfriend. Yet, when you open the RSVP card, they have said that "6" will "happily attend!" 

Eek! That's a nightmare, and is never fun to deal with. While there's no way to truly prevent guests from doing this, I do have one important tip that can make an enormous difference. Tell your guests how many spots are reserved for them - then let them fill in how many of "x" spots will be attending. This tells them in no uncertain terms that, yes, you did actually address the invitation properly, and no, your long lost cousin is not invited. 

So how does this look? Is it extra work? Well, yes. You do need to fill out each response card and make sure the right one goes in the right envelope, but it will likely save you some headaches. Plus, it's easier to tell someone "hey, I saw you RSVP'd for 3 people, but on the RSVP card we indicated that we had reserved 2 seats..." rather than trying to argue about how the invitation was addressed!

You can sort of see the RSVP card I used at our wedding, and we were able to customize what we wanted on it! A lot of RSVP options don't give you this customization, so if you're ordering online and this is important to you it's something to consider. If you're working with a stationer, then they should be able to do this for you without a problem!

So, save yourself some pain and stress and add this line to your RSVP card!!

We have reserved __ seats in your honor.

Happy Planning!!