I'm getting close to wrapping up this series, and hope that you've been enjoying it! It's been fun to relive some of these moments and to share why they're so special to me. In keeping with my theme, today I'm going to share my 5 favorites from our wedding reception!

1. My song for my dad: If you follow me at all on social media (or have read really anything on my blog) you know that I occasionally sing, and have been known to write a song or two. A few years ago, I wrote a song about how amazing my dad is, and for our reception, I rewrote some of the lyrics to include my new husband and how wonderful our families are! This certainly wouldn't have felt like my wedding if I hadn't sung at all, and this song really summed up how I felt. 

2. Jocelyn's toast: My little sister is also musically gifted, though she doesn't always let on that she has a talent! What she did get (and that I have no skill in) is rapping. She took the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap and turned it into her MOH toast!! It was sooo funny and so her. She even had my mom and my cousin help her out as her back-up dancers! Of course, the kicker was that I had to plan her toast as her MOH just a few months later! How do you top that? That's a story for another day.

3. The blessing: I think the blessing over dinner often gets overlooked, but it's one of the more important moments. It's the transition from the ceremony and the formal events to the party and the new life that the bride and groom are sharing together. We asked my aunt and uncle to give the blessing, as they're strong spiritual leaders in our lives and I knew they would take the role seriously. It was such an honor to have them bless our food and our marriage publicly!

 4. The answers we got from our questions: During the cocktail hour, we had a couple of jars and pieces of paper for people to answer questions on and give us their advice! We asked for advice, what to name our children, date night ideas, and where we should travel! It was so much fun to read back over these after the wedding and try to guess who put what ideas in the jar! It was also a great way to give our guests something to do during the cocktail hour!

5. Our cake cutting & champagne toast: We didn't do a traditional cake - we knew that we wanted to do oreos for dessert instead of cake! Like all good mothers do, however, my mom insisted that we at least have a small cake to cut for the pictures and the memory (I would have been just as happy twisting an oreo in half!). So now we just buy a pack of oreos when we feel like we want to remember our wedding! The toast was a little bit more comical - Kevin didn't understand at first how to link arms and drink the toast! He originally thought he was supposed to give me his drink (which was very sweet, though would have ended quite poorly) - and we have the pictures to show his confusion! 

These are my favorites from our wedding reception... I only have one more post on my favorite wedding details, I hope you'll come back to see those in the near future!

All photography by Virginia Ashley Photography