In keeping with my new series about my own wedding, today I want to share with you my favorite non-photographed moments! They're special because they're the things that you don't predict or plan for, but still happen that make your day special. Our photographer, Ashley, did an AMAZING job capturing so many moments, but for some obvious reasons you'll see why these didn't get captured!

1. My make-up artist helping me put on my sticky bra... seriously, this was a pretty important moment. She was so sweet and willing to help me do whatever (including getting me dressed) and it was quite a moment. The room I was getting ready in was quite large, and that was also our "hang out" space before the ceremony so everyone was in there. We tried to hide in the corner so I wouldn't flash everyone!! I would say it was a particularly strong bonding moment. And I would definitely recommend her (not just because of the help with the sticky bra, but because she did an amazing job with my make-up!)

2. Jocelyn bustling my dress in the bathroom of the reception venue: So, as soon as we got to the reception venue Kevin and I went and hid in our respective bathrooms. The women's bathroom, however, was very large and had a lounge area in it. So I went and hid in there, and quickly had all of my friends hanging out with me! It was a fun time, but again, it was a more public place for her to bustle my dress. Which consisted of me with the skirt up around my shoulders so she could access my bustles! I didn't always make a glamorous bride, but definitely provided some entertainment for everyone needing to use the restroom during cocktail hour!

3. Kevin's cousin saving us our favorite beer so we could have it back at our hotel after the reception. This was so sweet. My dad and my uncle drove all the way to Starr Hill two days before our wedding to get the beer we had requested - "The Love" - and it was so popular it was gone quickly! Kevin's cousin was really thoughtful and asked the bartender to set two aside for us so we could have them whenever we wanted. We were able to grab them on our way out the door!

4. Our drive from the ceremony to the reception. This was the most relaxing time of the day - and the first time we were truly alone together. While the drive was only about 15 minutes, it was so pretty and scenic (if you've never driven down River Road in Richmond you totally should!). We were able to just take it slowly, talk to each other, and not worry about our guests at all, because they were all already at the reception. For me that was a big deal! 

5. Our Last Dance: We picked out what song we wanted to have played right before our exit, to end the evening. We went with "I've Had the Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing because it's so upbeat, fun, and nostalgic! While our wedding was the start of our new life together, it ending marked an amazing chapter in our lives and the change that was in store for us. Plus, I'm a romantic at heart and love anything that pulls on your heartstrings. Oh, and I love singing this at the top of my lungs!!