It's a day you've been dreaming of for years, and possibly your whole life. You've looked through every magazine, every wedding-related pinterest board, and considered every detail of your perfect day. You've also likely considered what could go wrong, and have a bit of anxiety about the big day! All of which are perfectly normal. 

Every wedding is different, but there are some things you can expect to happen no matter what. 

1. Time will fly - this won't be like a normal day, and it won't pass like a normal day. You will get to the end of the night and wonder where the day went! Because of that, don't save anything for the last minute. You'll want to enjoy everything and be in the moment, not be concerned about it all the ribbons are tied on the programs perfectly! 

2. Not everything will go perfectly - Now, this isn't to say that things will go horribly wrong. That's quite unlikely. However, it is almost a guarantee that something will happen that wasn't supposed to, or something won't happen that was supposed to. That's normal with any big event, and weddings are no exception. This is why you should hire a wedding planner - your family and friends (and bride especially!) shouldn't be worrying about fixing these little things! Trust that when you hire a professional you'll be turning everything over to someone who can handle the event with experience and ease - and without the heightened stress and anxiety that the family and bride will have!

3. You won't have a lot of alone time with your soon-to-be-spouse. You'll spend most of your time surrounded by family, your bridal party, and your guests. When you do have time with your just your groom, you'll likely be with the photographer and/or videographer. This is partially why first looks are so popular (at least you get some time together mostly alone!) and why sweetheart tables are becoming more popular. They allow you some privacy and a moment to catch your breath together. 

Trust that your day will be beautiful and perfect because it's your wedding day, and invest in a great team in professionals to make sure you have nothing to stress about!