If you’ve followed me for any length on facebook, instagram, or on my blog, you’ve certainly seen pictures from Jocelyn and Matt’s wedding last year! I realized that I never did a blog post highlighting their wedding specifically,  and wanted to take some time to introduce you to two of my favorite people!

Jocelyn is my little sister – my only sibling, and one of my best friends! Her wedding was held only a couple months after I had made the decision and realized that I wanted to go into wedding planning. I knew I would end up writing her timeline, finalizing some of the details, and help coordinate the logistics for the day of, but I didn’t know quite the extent that they needed help until 6 weeks before the wedding when the invitations had arrived and there weren’t enough.

Every wedding has hiccups, and thankfully that was the biggest, so we took it in stride and kept moving forward! It was a learning experience, and I’ll blog about how I won’t be both a bridesmaid and wedding coordinator again in the future, but that’s a story for another day! More about the bride and groom!

Jocelyn and Matt met when they were in 2nd grade, though they didn’t become friends until high school. There, they hung out with a group of friends that they are still close with, and dated briefly. But it wasn’t until the summer in between their freshmen year and sophomore year of college that they reconnected and were officially a couple – after getting into a motorcycle accident! Their lives were always eventful, and as the protective older sister I didn’t always love that. Matt became part of the family as he joined us for family gatherings, vacations, and special occasions. He's our go to tech savvy guy, random questions and "do you know someone who..." guy. He fits right in!

Matt planned an elaborate surprise proposal and party for Jocelyn in December of 2013. He collected short video clips from family and friends to tell Jocelyn how much she’s loved and is going to be such a great wife! He took her out to dinner, and before it started, set his laptop in front of her and pressed play. While she watched the video, Matt was coordinating with the restaurant owner to make sure the champagne was ready, and he was getting the engagement ring out so he could propose! Of course, she said yes. Matt then instructed Jocelyn to go freshen up in the bathroom (because how could you not be crying at that point) where she saw both of their families and friends waiting for them in the back room for a party! We celebrated that night and she and I immediately started planning her wedding. They were married a little over a year later on Pi Day – enjoy this post about their personal touches and moments that made their wedding so special and so them!

They were married at the church Jocelyn and I grew up going to, Welborne United Methodist. The sanctuary was decorated lightly, with tea light votives placed behind the altar. Even though it poured that afternoon, every moment felt bright and happy – from Jocelyn getting into her dress to their first look!

Their ceremony was short and sweet, and included a sand pouring and beautiful piano music by a dear family friend!

Their reception was full of cute little details – bird table numbers, daisies, and plenty of chalkboard signs! Jocelyn’s sorority sisters lead a blessing they do for weddings, and everyone had fun at the photo booth Scott Hill Photography set up for them. Since it was Pi Day, dessert included both cake and pies! Jocelyn and Matt changed into matching converses as the night went on, and went out with a sparkler exit into their vintage getaway car!