When I started on this wedding planning adventure, Ande was one of my first supporters. We met back in college but our paths didn't really connect until our first jobs after college. We quickly bonded and ended up working together for a few years! She and Jon got engaged a week after Kevin and I did, and we had so much fun discussing the planning process and getting everything in order for our own weddings! Venues, photographers, stationary, dresses... we spent many days at work discussing these things and playing on pinterest (sorry, former bosses!)

Then in January of last year, when I had just made the decision to try wedding planning, Ande asked if I would be her day of coordinator. I told her of course, and that I had recently decided to start my own business! It was perfect. 

By working together and going through the process from a professional and personal experience, I got a glimpse into the wedding industry from a perspective of not being a bride. 

With all of the planning, Ande and I became even closer, though we both moved on to new and better jobs a few months before her wedding. Kevin and Jon became fast friends, and bonded over home projects and brewing beer! 

Then before we knew it, it was their wedding day. And everything went so smoothly and was such a dream! All of the vendors did such a great job, and Ande and Jon were both so laid back and happy the whole day everything was wonderful! It's hard to believe they've been married for almost a year now, and you've probably seen most of my favorites from their wedding day, but here they are in order with a few fun ones thrown in!