One of the least popular topics to talk about with weddings are who to tip and how much. It's usually something I'm asked the week of the wedding or by a parent on the day of the wedding when they realize it's something they need to think about! It's really not a big secret, but here's what I tell my clients for tipping! 

No one will ever turn away a tip - so if you feel that a vendor has gone above and beyond, it's certainly acceptable to tip them. The vendors that are expecting a tip include anyone you would ordinarily tip if you were going out and having that service provided to you. 

Caterer - Read your contract and invoice, because you want to know if there is a service charge already included. Most caterers do this, and it's approximately 20% of the bill. This is definitely standard. If it's not included, then you'll definitely need to tip the catering staff. If it IS included, it is still a nice gesture to tip on top of that for exceptional service. 

Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist - You don't usually see a service charge on a contract or invoice for this service, but just like you would tip if you went to a salon, you would tip 15-20% for this service on the wedding day. 

You can tip any of the other vendors, of course! Place your cash or check in an envelope labeled with the vendors name, and your wedding planner will distribute this to the vendors at the end of their service!