This summer has been one for the books... it's been good, it's been busy, it's been stressful, and it's been busier. We just got back from a long weekend at the beach relaxing, but now it's back to the grind, and I'm not too sure where all of that restorative rest went!

Camping at Sherando Lakes

Camping at Sherando Lakes

June kicked off a little bit quietly, as I didn't have any weddings booked for the month. It was a bit of a relief, after how busy the spring season was. We went camping with friends, Kevin built a shed, I got my grandmother's piano moved to our house, and we travelled to Savannah, Georgia for one of my childhood friend's weddings. We went to a bunch of breweries, had a lovely visit with my 97 year old great aunt, and I worked on cleaning out our crowded house.

July hit with a bang - multiple weddings, a beach trip for the holiday, and becoming a certified wedding planner! I didn't sleep much, worked a ton at both my day job and on my upcoming weddings, and ate a few too many sweets. I finished watching Gilmore Girls (again) and spent a lot of time in my car. Oh, and jumped on the bandwagon to play Pokemon Go (I'm a proud level 18)!

August was just as busy with more weddings, and a conference in Florida for my day job. The day after my last wedding in August I slept all day, and it was great! It felt like the first time I'd gotten a break since this wedding season started. 

On top of all of this, my family is in the process of selling my grandmother's house and get all of her affairs in order. We're trying to stay in touch and stay together, which helps to make things better some days, and other days it just draws attention to the pain. 

September came quickly, and now that we're here it feels like the right time to reflect on the past few months. This was really the first busy season I'd faced as a wedding planner, and I'm glad for the quiet month now to refocus and regroup. Each wedding that I've been a part of has been beautiful, heartfelt, and such a great reflection of my clients', and I'm so grateful for that. I'm beginning to see how the newness wears off and the excitement fades, and why it's so much more important to keep going now than it was when I first started. 

Starting a business is easy. Keeping it going is what tests you. Making it successful is what shows your character and resolve.

Sometimes I think it'd be easier if I could just do one job or the other, or not blog and post on social media, or be able to read a book a week and sleep in until 10 every day. But that's not the solution.

No, the solution is to keep going. All of those other things are appealing because I can't have them right now - and it's a temptation. It's a "the grass is greener" perspective - wanting what you don't have. As I go through this season of finding contentment where I am while wanting things to be easy, I'm reminded of what God kept telling me when I started running. I consistently had the feeling that my regular runs and training were a parallel to starting Chickadee - it will be a marathon, not a sprint. It's about getting back up and finishing the course. About crossing the finish line even if it takes a bit longer. And it's about finding your own stride.

This summer took a lot out of me, emotionally and physically. I've learned how to stand my ground with my business and not fold just because it'd be easier to. I know that I'm not doing this because I felt like it one day - I'm called to do this, right now. And I'm called to be in this season of life, right now. 

And you know what? I'm excited to see where this season leads me. Challenging times usually lead to some beautiful results. As long as I'm following God's lead, I'll going to be okay. It's out of my hands, anyway, thank goodness. 

If you're in a season of uncertainty, of being challenged, and of wanting something that's within reach but not the right thing, I encourage you to wait it out. Keep doing what you're doing. Listen closely - to yourself. To your environment. Pay attention to the industry. And rest, because the best way to serve others is to make sure you're in good health first. 

Happy Fall Wedding Season, All!

Hanging out in the OBX!

Hanging out in the OBX!