I've always found it funny how the conversation about the wedding cake evokes such a complacent remark. Most of my clients couldn't care less about the cake for their wedding day, but the moms are insistent that they have a beautiful, giant cake for everyone! 

This cracks me up - wedding cakes are important (don't get me wrong!) but in the grand scheme of things, I think there are more conversations about the wedding cake than there are about the DJ or entertainment... and in case you didn't know, there are a lot more little decisions that impact the flow of the evening with the DJ than there are with the cake! 

So, as you plan your wedding and begin to think about what desserts you want (if you want any), consider these options!

  1. Cupcakes: These are widely popular as an alternative to a larger cake! They are cute and delicious - and look great on display! You can select different flavors with different icing colors and decor. Just know, you will need more servings for cupcakes than you would for cake - especially if you have multiple flavors, because guests will want to try one of each!
  2. Donuts - This trend is on fire right now! I think it's such a great idea and makes for a personalized and fun way to celebrate. I'd recommend picking a variety of flavors, throwing in some donut holes for those that just want bite-sized pieces, and offering milk to wash them down!
  3. Cookies - From macarons to oreos, you can't go wrong. You can do all sorts of displays, have all sorts of different colors, and offer a variety for guests! 
  4. Smores - I have seen weddings that have included smores for guests in addition to the cake or desserts, but I think this would be such a cute way to incorporate it into the main dessert! Though unless you plan to do a "trash the dress" shoot, maybe skip the chocolate and split a roasted marshmellow instead!
  5. Candy Bar - Again, this is popular for favors or in addition to the main dessert. But there's no reason you can't do this for the main thing! You and your new spouse can split a candy bar that you both love (or each have a mini one of your own) to commemorate the moment, and then share with the rest of your guests a variety!
  6. Pies - Some couples just don't care for cake, or they want to do something really different! For example, if you get married on Pi Day, you pretty much have to have pie at your wedding!
  7. Chocolate Fountain - How fun would this be? You can pick all sorts of sweet desserts and then have the fountain display so guests can dip them in! You could even do different chocolate types - white, milk, or dark, for example! 
  8. Cotton Candy - This would be perfect for a summer wedding, or a festival/fair themed event! A food truck could come and provide cotton candy - and I wouldn't be surprised if they could customize the color to match your wedding theme!
  9. Rice Krispie Treats - Okay, talk about budget friendly and fun! You could also customize these to be your wedding color, and dip them in chocolate to really offer a different treat!
  10. Cake Pops - These are just a cute way to offer small bites of cake - and you can have an entire assortment for some variety!

Photography by Virginia Ashley Photography (first two images on the left) and Sharon Elizabeth Photography

Even if you do choose to go this route and do something a little less traditional, it's not a bad idea to still get a small "cutting cake" - for ceremonial purposes. This pleases mom, gets you all those pictures, and is a budget friendly compromise. You can't go wrong!