So you're planning your wedding day - the day you've dreamed of forever, and you're finding that it costs more than what you planned. Sound familiar? Well, one of the ways to "get the most bang for your buck" is to do a faux exit. What does this do? It limits the amount of time that you have to pay your photographer but still allows you to have the grand sparkler send-off you've always envisioned and not end the party earlier than you want. But here are 3 reasons why I don't recommend this:

  1. Guests will leave afterwards - whether it's 8 p.m., 9:30 p.m. or 11 p.m. - the send-off is the indication that the event is over. This is also true for any type of party crowd you have - even if you and your friends spend all night out dancing on the weekend, after the send-off, even they will leave. There's nothing else for them to do than to keep dancing, and chances are they've already been at your event for quite a few hours and are ready to call it a night! Don't take it personally, they fulfilled all the formal obligations of the evening by staying through the end of the send-off. 
  2. You want to finish your night on a high note. It's always a little awkward when the bride and groom go back into the reception after their send-off. The high point of the night has passed and the magic is over, and there won't be another high moment to end your night on. I'm a firm believer in having the bride and groom enjoy their wedding day and not having to work, but if they come back into the reception and only have a few people (if any) left to party with, then the energy really deflates. Plus, the longer they stay, the more of the break-down and clean-up they see, and that's not the fun part of the evening! 
  3. The more the merrier! By ending your night after the send-off (and having it at a reasonable hour), you'll have more people for the final pictures! And more people means more sparklers, glow sticks, bubbles, ribbon wands, or whatever it is you're using for the send-off! 

The important things with this are feeling like you get to celebrate your day as the guests of honor, and being able to ride the energy of the night until the end and go out with a bang is the tried and true favorite of couples. That's what I want for my Chickadee couples, too!

Photography by  Scott Hill Photography

Photography by Scott Hill Photography